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The fee for an assessment varies depending on the nature and scope of the evaluation. The minimum fee is based on the minimum number of tests used in a standard battery and the number of hours it would normally take to complete all of the tasks necessary for a thorough evaluation. This is based on an hourly fee of $200/hr for Dr. Griffiths or Dr. DiVittore and $80/hr for portions of the evaluation that are conducted by the doctoral interns under their supervision. 

Depending on your needs or what initial testing reveals, the number and types of tests may differ for you in comparison to another client. If more testing is necessary to make a concrete diagnosis, you and Dr. Griffiths or Dr. DiVittore will discuss this and any additional, associated costs before additional testing takes place. Together you both will make a decision about further testing.

Psychological testing is not always covered by insurance and preauthorization for insurance is often required when they do. If a client must pay out-of-pocket for services, C4VL offers a competitive fee structure and tailors the testing to the client’s needs and budget.

Note that if an insurance does not cover services, the client will then be responsible to pay any balance owed. When paying privately, payment is due in full by the time the testing has been completed (half up front, half due before the report is finalized). Credit cards are kept on file to ensure payment for services.

When a client must pay for assessment services out-of-pocket (private pay), they should expect to pay for a minimum number of hours that an assessment of that type would usually take at the rate of $200/hour. A typical range for ADHD, bariatric, presurgical assessments is 8 to 10 hours while Autism Spectrum Disorder and decisional capacity is often 12-16 hours. As each assessment is different, if the Good Faith Estimate herein needs to be amended to account for additional time needed, a new GFE will be assessed and given to the client.

Krista DiVittore, PsyD
(Aurora / Teletherapy)

Dr. DiVittore's provides psychological assessments that are thorough with the goal to provide accessible and helpful information and recommendations for her patients. Each evaluation is approached as unique and time is spent to get to know the patient to develop a comfortable, trusting environment. Please call in to the office for the types of evaluations that Dr. DiVittore is currently providing.

Annie Ren, PsyD

Dr. Ren conducts psychological assessments and trains doctoral practicum students who assist her with assessments. Currently, she only conducts SSA testing, and receives clients through direct SSA referrals. She is not accepting new therapy clients.

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