Psychological Assessment

Evaluations for:

  • ADHD
  • Learning Disorders (Learning Disability)
  • Personality Assessment

Evaluations include:

  • A comprehensive one and a half hour clinical interview
  • Standardized test administration in which the number and scope of the tests depend upon the particular needs of the client
  • Accurate scoring of all tests administered
  • Interpretation and integration of the results
  • A final written report including a review of history, test findings, diagnoses, and recommendations
  • A one hour feedback session

Please be prepared to provide or allow CVL to obtain:

  • School reports and/or records
  • Your medical and/or mental health records
  • Any prior testing reports or assessment information
  • A thorough family history of mental, physical, emotional, and psychological health
  • A thorough self-history of mental, physical, emotional, and psychological health

The fee for an assessment varies depending on the nature and scope of the evaluation. The minimum fee is based on the minimum number of tests used in a standard battery and the number of hours it would normally take to complete all of the tasks necessary for a thorough evaluation. This is based on an hourly fee of $150/hr.

Psychological testing is often not covered by insurance; however, CVL offers a competitive fee structure and tailors the testing to your needs and budget.

Using a standard, minimum battery of tests:

  • ADHD testing starts at $1140
  • Learning Disorders testing (a.k.a. Learning Disabilities) starts at $1260
  • Advanced Personality testing starts at $1500

Depending on your needs or what initial testing reveals, the number and types of tests may differ for you in comparison to another client. If more testing is necessary to make a concrete diagnosis, you and Dr. Griffiths will discuss this and any additional, associated costs before additional testing takes place. Together you both will make a decision about further testing.

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