We are a family owned, Colorado Mental Health Therapy Practice providing support for licensed therapy providers wanting to take insurance. We offer support in admin, billing, insurance paneling and much more!

Center for Valued Living Administrative Services

Lead Administrator
Mary Grace Heller
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Patient Service Coordinator
Laura Musalem Canahuate
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Patient Service Coordinator
Carlos Rivera
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No Insurance Hassles

  • Credentialing done for you
  • Easy claim submission
  • Continual rate negotiation

Easy Client Payments

  • Zero collections risk
  • Billing support
  • Timely payout

Client Inquires Handled

  • Phone & email answering service
  • Clients pre-screened
  • Fill your schedule faster

Center for Valued Living

  • Medium, family owned
  • Local to Colorado
  • 20+ therapist peers
  • 12 insurance panels
  • 60 - 120 day insurance approval
  • Group contracts + better rates
  • Pay raise as your contract matures
  • Percentage pay scale (your pay goes up as the rates go up)
  • Zero collections risk*
  • Pay within 30 days of claim submission
  • $55 - $62 per clinical hour for commercial and Medicaid
  • $90+/hr for Workers Comp

Other Groups

  • Nationwide
  • 200+ therapists
  • 6 insurance panels
  • 2- 60 day insurance approval
  • Individual and group contracts
  • Static pay rate
  • Flat pay rate per session
  • Zero collections risk*
  • Pay within 24 hours of claim submission


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"I'm grateful to get to work for you guys. Your passion for the work and for your employees helps make for such an awesome work experience! I would highly recommend joining the C4VL team if you are a therapist."

- Kacy Behrend, LPC

Kacy Behrend photo

"I have found Lisa and the C4VL staff to be supportive, compassionate, and authentic. They provided hands-on support while I learned the online database and continue to find ways to make the experience as a practitioner efficient, streamlined, and hassle-free. I enjoy my employment with C4VL tremendously."

- Dawn Deano, LPC

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