Behavioral health works a bit differently than medical benefits when it comes to Medicaid. While medical benefits are managed by the state and are often referred to as Health First Colorado, Medicaid benefits for behavioral health are managed by behavioral health organizations (BHOs) and are determined by the county with which the client is currently registered. Clients should confirm which BHO manages their mental health Medicaid benefits, especially if they have ever moved since acquiring Medicaid or if there was ever a break in time between coverage times. A client's Medicaid may not necessarily be associated with where the client currently resides. If a Medicaid consumer originally registered their Medicaid in another county from the one they live currently, their Medicaid would not have necessarily automatically transferred to their new address.

Also, not all our providers are contracted with every BHO so they may not take the client's specific Medicaid as a result. A provider may be listed with Health First Colorado but not contracted with a specific BHO. It is the BHO that is most important when knowing if your provider accepts your specific Medicaid.

If you would like to use Medicaid, BEFORE SCHEDULING YOUR APPOINTMENT, please call to confirm which BHO supplies your mental health benefits. You can call the number on the back of your card or one or more of the numbers listed below associated with the BHO you think may be managing your benefits. Please confirm the county with which your benefits are registered, the BHO that manages your plan and confirm that the provider you want to see is contracted with that specific BHO. Also, always confirm the service address with the provider, our Office Manager, or on this website, as address updates are not always accurate or updated in a timely fashion with BHOs. Your ID# will be a letter and 6 numbers. Please supply that information to your provider when making your appointment.

For a complete list of which Behavioral Health Organization (BHO) manages which counties for the behavioral health portion of Medicaid, see

    Behavioral Health Organizations (BHOs):
  • Access Behavioral Care (also known as Colorado Access) - (303) 751-9030
  • Denver, Cheyenne, Elbert, Larimer, Lincoln, Logan, Kit Carson, Morgan, Phillips, Sedgwick, Washington, Weld, or Yuma counties
  • Also the manager of some CHP+ plans, unless it is a state specific plan. Please find out if your CHP+ plan is managed by Colorado Access or if it is a state-run plan.
  • Behavioral Health Inc. (BHI) (303) 361-8100
  • Arapahoe, Douglas, and Adams counties
  • Foothills Behavioral Partners (claims go to Beacon Health) - (303) 432-5950
  • Boulder, Broomfield, Clear Creek, Gilpin or Jefferson counties - (ONLY accepted by Dr. Lisa Griffiths, currently)
  • Colorado Health Partnerships (claims go to Beacon Health) - (800) 804-5008
  • All other 43 counties in CO listed here - - (ONLY accepted by Dr. Lisa Griffiths, currently).
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