Many of our providers accept Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) program plans. They are limited to a certain number of sessions and are offered through an employer, free of cost to the employee. They usually range from three to eight sessions per calendar year but on rare occasions, the EAP administrator may grant more sessions. EAPs are not always administered by the same insurance company the employee has for their general benefits.

To utilize this employee benefit, the employee must obtain an authorization to see one of the in-network EAP providers. While we ask clients to do this before scheduling an appointment, please call to confirm the provider you want to see has availability and is a good fit for you and vice versa. Before scheduling, please always confirm the service address with the provider, our Office Manager, or on this website, as address updates are not always accurate or updated in a timely fashion with the EAP companies. Once confirmed that is the provider you wish to see, clients will need to call their EAP directly and request an authorization # and they should also know the # of sessions authorized and the date range in which those sessions must be used. They should confirm what their EAP ID is if they have one as well as sometimes EAP assigns a separate ID for EAP vs. a general insurance plan supplied by the same parent company. The client should bring this information with them during the first session as well as their commercial insurance information. Any authorization paperwork should be sent to C4VL via fax or mail, depending on the method the specific EAP utilizes.

Some of the EAP programs accepted by our providers include:

  • Cigna EAP
  • Optum EAP
  • Aetna EAP or Horizon EAP
  • Anthem EAP**
  • If you do not see your EAP plan here, inquire with your EAP company if they are a subsidiary of one of the major EAP companies listed here.

Not all our providers are contracted with every EAP so they may not take the client's specific EAP as a result. A provider may be listed with the commercial plans of the insurance company but not contracted with their EAP. It is confirming that the provider takes the EAP that is most important when knowing if you can see that provider. Please be sure to confirm the name of the provider with the EAP.

** Anthem EAP - Unfortunately, a provider who takes Anthem EAP is not always a provider who takes Anthem BCBS. Please be advised of this before scheduling with a provider if you would like to continue working with them after your EAP sessions have been utilized. At present, only two of our providers, Dr. Lisa Griffiths or Angela Clark, LPC, both in Aurora, accept both Anthem EAP and BCBS.

Please note it is the client's responsibility to make sure the provider they choose is in-network and that they know their benefits and their financial obligations before setting the first appointment.

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