Distance Counseling

Distance Counseling is available via telephone for CO residents who have difficulty accessing counseling services. Video conferencing may also be available. Please note that many insurance companies will not reimburse for sessions not conducted in-person. It is possible to petition an insurance company for an exception, especially if local services are unavailable or if physical limitations would prevent a client from being able to come into an office. However, Insurance reimbursement is not guaranteed. If you have financial concerns, please give CVL a call as there are several options that may enable you to receive services.

Depending on the laws of the state, intrastate distance counseling may also be available via telephone or video conferencing. Before beginning services, we would have to investigate the laws of the states involved, as they are ever-changing.

Separate consent forms would need to be filled out by the client for distance counseling. This is a specialty service and there are different risks involved. Please read and sign the Distance Counseling Consent form before services are rendered.

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