Valued Living

What are Values?

Everyone has a set of values. Values are the beliefs or principles that we hold that guide us on how we want to exist in the world. They are the standards by which we choose to act towards ourselves, others, and the world around us.

When we define our values, we are describing how our lives would be most meaningful to us, according to our own standards. They are very personal. They are not what others tell us we should do in life but instead how we choose to live.

What is Valued Living?

Valued living is having a notion about what we want out of life and then making a commitment to ourselves to take action in service of those values. Essentially it is the most vital way in which we would choose to live.

If we are to truly embrace valued living, we should be forever moving in the direction of our values. Our Values are part of our journey, not a simple destination. Values are not specific goals with an endpoint, like a bike race or a triathlon. Instead,they are a continuous way of living. For example, if we value our health, we must consistently strive to take steps to be healthy. Being healthy is the value because it is an ongoing process. Completing a triathlon or eating a healthy meal is a goal or a specific achievement with an endpoint, a step along the way. We cannot simply "think" ourselves healthier, either. We have to take actions towards that value of being healthy, perhaps doing things very different from what we have done before.

How do we live a more Valued Life?

We would start by defining our most important life values. Then, it is important to begin to making choices that lead us towards those values. The more conscious we are of these choices, the closer we come to living a Valued Life.

What are your Values?

There are many ways to describe our most important values. However, a great starter tool is the Values Worksheet, created and adapted by author/therapist Russ Harris, MD from renowned author/therapist, Kelly G. Wilson, PhD. As part of your FREE 30-minute phone consultation, we can discuss your results or you can attend one of our workshops on Valued Living. For a more in-depth conversation about your values and making a plan of action to live a more vital life, please call to make an in-person appointment today.

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