Disability Evaluations

Colorado Disability Determination Services for the Social Security Administration has partnered with Dr. Lisa Griffiths of Center for Valued Living to conduct psychological evaluations and assessments for the purposes of determining eligibility for social security disability benefits. Dr. Griffiths (Colorado Licensed Psychologist #3615) conducts the evaluations, providing the SSA DDS with a report including testing data and psychological diagnoses. Dr. Griffiths does not make recommendations or determinations for SSDI eligibility. In order for the SSA DDS to pay for evaluation services, the SSA DDS makes the appointments for claimants who have already filed for disability and are in need of further assessment. Dr. Griffiths does not schedule directly with claimants unless a claimant is prepared to pay for the evaluation themselves.

In order for Dr. Griffiths to write a thorough report and to expedite your time during the evaluation process, she requests that claimants complete some initial paperwork before attending the evaluation session. Please complete the SSA intake document called “Social Security Disability Evaluation Intake Form" (downloadable from the forms page or it can be sent to you via email or postal mail). Due to the short window of time allotted for evaluation appointments (one hour if no extensive testing is performed), this form cannot be filled out at the time of the appointment, as it will significantly cut into or eliminate the ability to have the evaluation start/run on time. Please be as thorough with your answers as possible. Answer all questions. For those that are not relevant, you may put “N/A.”

If the document was emailed to you or you retrieved it off the C4VL website, it is in a fillable PDF format so you can type into it instead of hand-writing (preferred). This is preferred for the sake of legibility. If you are unable to type into the PDF file, and you plan to hand write your responses, please be sure to write your answers legibly. If this is difficult for you, you may have someone with legible handwriting assist you in filling out the document.

Please do not email the document back if there is personal, identifiable data on it (such as names, birthdays, names of places, etc.). It is safest and best to return the document via fax (720-207-6885) or by bringing it with you to your evaluation appointment; it should be printed out and filled out prior to your appointment. Please DO NOT forget this document when coming to your appointment. It is essential for gathering data in a timely fashion.

On the day of your appointment, please arrive early or on time, as there will likely be another appointment after yours that will need to start on time. 9am and 10am appointments are slotted for one hour. If you arrive more than 10-15 minutes late, your appointment may need to be rescheduled through the SSA, as there may not be enough time to complete the evaluation. You may be the first appointment scheduled so please be patient if you are waiting for Dr. Griffiths to arrive to the office.

11am appointments are for extensive psychological testing so please be prepared to spend much of the day at the office. Bring lunch (or money for lunch), snacks, water, any necessary meds, etc. (we will take a break between tests). Prepare for the day if you have to arrange for pet or child care.

Please only take necessary medications. If you take medications that are for ADHD, please do not take them on the day of your evaluation so your performance is more accurate. If you use visual or hearing aids, please bring them and wear them for your evaluation.

If you cannot make your appointment for whatever reason, please be sure to let the SSA DDS know and please also leave a voicemail for Dr. Griffiths at 720-347-8559 or email her at drlisa@c4vl.com. You do not need to contact Dr. Griffiths if you cancel with the SSA DDS with more than three days notice.

Thank you in advance for taking these requests seriously. It will provide for a much more fluid and enjoyable experience for all. Looking forward to working with you!

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