Individual, Couples, and Family Counseling

FREE 30-minute phone consultation
In-office or telephone counseling available. (Telephone counseling is not typically covered by insurance so please inquire with your provider if interested in this service).
$150 initial consultation session (45-60 min, depending on needs of client)
$120 for an ongoing session up to 45-minutes
$150 for an ongoing session up to 60-minutes
Sliding scale and reduced fee package prepayment options available. See below.

Psychological Testing

Please see the psychological assessment page for more information on what is included. This is based on an hourly fee of $150/hr. Psychological testing is often not covered by insurance; however, CVL offers a competitive fee structure and tailors the testing to your needs and budget. Using a standard, minimum battery of tests:

  • ADHD testing starts at $1425
  • Learning Disorders testing (a.k.a. Learning Disabilities) starts at $1575
  • Advanced Personality testing starts at $1875

Depending on your needs or what initial testing reveals, the number and types of tests may differ for you in comparison to another client. If more testing is necessary to make a concrete diagnosis, you and Dr. Griffiths will discuss this and any additional, associated costs before additional testing takes place. Together you both will make a decision about further testing.

Additional Fees

For individual and couples appointments, CVL charges a Late Cancellation / No Show fee of $120. Late cancellations are considered less than 48 hours notice. If another client fills your time slot, you would not be charged. For groups, CVL charges a Late Cancellation fee of $75.00 with less than 48 hours notice and a $90.00 fee for No-Shows.

Please note that bounced checks will require a $30 fee in addition to the original payment amount.

Dr. Griffiths charges $200.00/hour, if called to Court or for other legal / forensic matters, including travel time to Court and Court preparation time. This also includes forensic assessments.

Balances not paid after 90 days are subject to an interest rate of up to 2%/month on the balance. This charge is calculated to the balance that is more than 90 days old at the first of each month.

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